140 years of passion, tradition and innovation in every glass

We are passionate about the land where our grapes grow; Treviso is a city in northeastern Italy with many canals and amazingly rich soil for growing the worlds best-tasting wine!

Our Vineyard respects the environment, its rhythms and supporting nature. When you taste our wine, you will be instantly transported to the sunny slopes of Treviso and experience all that Italy has to offer for low calorie sparkling wine.

A prosecco created to be different

At Vitasixty, we embarked on a quest to create a truly exceptional prosecco that stands apart from the rest. Our journey led us to a remarkable vineyard nestled in the hills of Triviso, where we crafted a sparkling wine that redefines the essence of perfection.

Uncompromising on Flavor and Alcohol

We refused to settle for anything less than prosecco that boasted an exquisite taste and maintained its full alcohol content. Our commitment to excellence led us to the perfect balance of flavor and potency, resulting in an extraordinary drinking experience.

A Revelation in Low-Calorie Prosecco

Vitasixty had a vision – to bring to life a low-calorie prosecco that not only tasted great but also delivered on the true essence of what makes prosecco exceptional. With a relentless focus on reducing sugar and calories, we achieved the impossible: a crisp, vibrant, and fruit-infused prosecco that stands as one of Europe’s lowest calorie wines.


Live better – drink smarter prosecco

We have launched what we feel is the best in class prosecco for health-conscious people, Our VITA 60 Prosecco It is one of the lowest sugar and calorie per glass wines on the market and will help you maintain your goals while enjoying life = VITA!

A Passion for Living Well and Drinking Better

VITA, meaning life, encapsulates our philosophy. We believe in living life to the fullest and savoring every moment. With unwavering dedication, we have perfected the art of crafting high-quality prosecco that speaks for itself. At Vitasixty, our sole purpose is to do one thing, and do it exceptionally well. Welcome to a world of prosecco like no other.

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Join us and raise a glass of the best-tasting, reduced cal and sugar wine you’ll ever experience!

Our Happy Customers...

Amazing Prosecco – not what I expected!

Best prosecco I’ve had in years! Tastes amazing, low calorie that suits our fitness plan and will definitely be buying again. Not all wine is made equal it seems!!

Leo Hanley
Mayo, Ireland

Excellent wine and service received my orders and the Prosecco is fantastic, we will be ordering further bottles!. thank you.

Belfast, NI

Just try it, this is my favourite Prosecco by far. It is just 60 calories per glass and suits me and my low carb needs. Perfect for anyone like me on a keto plan. Would definitely recommend!

Sophie Smith
Dublin, Ireland

Wow – Vita 60!!

Ordered two bottles of Prosecco for birthday gifts, I was so impressed by the speed of delivery, the design of the bottles themselves and love the company ethos I had to write to let the company know! My friends were over the moon with their gifts and told me that the quality of the wine is great too! Thank you Vita Sixty! I shall be ordering again, next time for myself…

Joyce Shell 

Lovely Prosecco that you willnot want to share lol…

Tried, tested and loved – will be buying more !!!

Jennifer Kilbane
Donegal, Ireland

Love love love

Absolutely delicious, very quick delivery and fantastic customer service.

London, UK


Bought it for my wife as a treat, she won’t have anything else now! I love it and sneak my own glass before serving her haha – Excellent, it’s light, fresh and great taste.

Keith Lucas
Wexford, Ireland